An airtight shield
with 99.997% viral filtration.[1]
Travel to visit family. Go to the doctor's. Shop indoors. Stay safe.
The Narwall Mask

You deserve better
than partial protection.

That's why we created Narwall:
a mask as different as it looks.

Reusable, high-grade protection for $85

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A better shield than a face shield,
and a better mask too.

Compared to other masks

Narwall Mask
Face shield + N95
Filtration efficiency (0.1 micron)
Protects others
Eye protection in front
Eye protection on all sides
Easy to ensure a good seal
Can clean and reuse
Comfortable for hours
Cool, fresh air every breath
Finally, an integrated face shield and mask that does more to keep you safe.
Also tested to >99.5% 0.1-micron PFE.
More on filtration below.
Instead of your own CO2, every inhale is clean, fresh air.
No fogging, no difficulty breathing.
Based on a snorkel mask for a no-leak design.
More on ensuring a good seal below.

What will other people think?

Fair question! Here's what one early wearer had to say after her first trip to Costco with Narwall:

“It surprised me that people, instead of looking at me like I was crazy like I thought I was going to be looked atit was more like they thought it was interesting. A lady came up to me and said, “cool mask, I like your mask!” That was encouraging, I was surprised about that. I thought people were going to be [snickering]."

Across the country, that tends to be the experience: lots of interest and compliments! Just check the reviews.

How has the mask been tested?

We commissioned a third party testing company to conduct N95 fit tests on people of a variety of ethnicities, body types, genders, and ages – and all passed!

You can read more about how these tests were conducted in the Baltimore Sun, and more about how our filter material was tested just below.

What is the filter material and how is it tested?

Our filters are made in the USA with material tested to >99.997% VFE (viral filtration efficiency) by Nelson Labs.

Another metric is PFE (particle filtration efficiency). The N95 standard for 0.3-micron PFE is >95.00%, while Narwall's filter material is tested to >99.50% 0.1-micron PFE. You can learn more about these particle sizes here.

Is the Narwall Mask's exhale filtered?

Yes, absolutely. The exact same filters are used for inhale (on top of your head) and exhale (in front of your mouth) so others are protected, just like you.

There is NO vent or direct exhaust valve.

How long do the filters last?

Just like N95's, our filters are designed to last 8 hours of active use before their filtration efficiency becomes reduced. 

If you wear your mask for about an hour a day, you'll likely want to change your filters every week.

How can I buy more filters?

Replacement filters are available here:

  • $14 for 14 filters (7 pairs) – good for one week of all-day use or one month of daily 2-hour trips.
  • $40 for 60 filters (30 pairs) – good for one month of all-day use or three months of daily 2-hour trips.

Both include FREE shipping in the continental US.

How do you clean the Narwall mask?

Easy – just remove the filters and put it in the dishwasher!

For those without a dishwasher, we recommend washing by hand in the sink with warm water and soap, just like doctors do with their hands every day. You can also put the mask in a pot of water and bring it to a boil for a more thorough sanitization.

Since it's plastic, you can also give the mask a wipe with alcohol sanitizing wipes after every wear.

What's wrong with cloth masks?

Cloth masks are great for everyday use and protecting others. If you and your loved ones feel comfortable using cloth masks, please continue to do so!

But other masks – even N95's – aren't perfect:

  • No eye protection.
  • Hard to keep sanitized.
  • Hard to ensure a good seal.
  • Nothing to stop you from touching your face. 

These factors may not be a big deal for most people in most situations – but we wanted to do more to help all people feel safe in all situations.

Why is eye protection important?

Of course, foreign objects in your eyes can cause pain and potentially permanent damage; Narwall can protect your eyes when woodworking, painting, or doing other projects that require standard eye protection.

Eyes are also mucous membranes, which means pathogens can enter through them. A typical path of infection for the common cold, for example, is touching one's eyes with contaminated hands.

There have been several reports and studies suggesting that eye protection may be important.

Narwall provides a solid barrier to prevent you from touching your face—otherwise a difficult thing to stop doing.

How do you put the mask on and take it off?

Hold it up to your chin and pull the elastic straps up and over your head, like this: 

And to take it off, just pull up from the chin (optionally with a sanitizing wipe):

More detail in our usage guide.

How can I tell if I have a good seal?

With most masks, it's so hard to tell if you have any leaks around the edge of the mask – most people just accept that they probably do!

With Narwall, the silicone seal around your face makes it super easy to tell when there's a gap. Usually, just breathing in you'll hear a whistle or feel a small tickle on your skin if there's air leaking in somewhere, and you can tighten the mask or adjust your fit.

For a more thorough check, we provide a silicone disc with each mask that you can use to conduct a simple negative pressure test.

Since 100% of the air should be coming in through the filter at the top of the mask, covering that filter should cause no air to enter the mask when you inhale. 

Our founder demonstrates a negative pressure test on a Zoom call.

Place the silicone disc over the inhale filter, and take a deep breath. If you have a good seal, your lungs will immediately tell you! You will feel a vacuum and no air will be going in. The test has passed; remove the disc and breathe. 😌

Does Narwall fit all face shapes perfectly?

We're all such wonderfully unique beings. Most people are able to get a great fit by choosing the right size and making the proper adjustments!

Some faces are sized or shaped differently than Narwall can handle perfectly. If you order a mask and can't get a good fit even with our help, we'll be more than happy to issue a full refund.

The biggest incompatibility we've found is that people under 5'0", including most children, usually find the S/M size too large. 

We're working on a detailed measurement-based sizing guide. In the meantime, if you're concerned about getting a good fit, you're welcome to reach out to us at, and we'll do our best to help. 

Can I wear Narwall if I have lung disease?

Individuals with serious lung disorders, such as COPD or other reasons to use supplemental oxygen, should consult their physician before wearing Narwall.

Can I wear Narwall if I have a beard?

As with other respirators, men with beards longer than 1/8" may not be able to achieve a good seal. Here's a relevant study.

Can I wear glasses with the Narwall mask?

Narwall pairs best with contact lenses, if you can wear them.

Wearing glasses with Narwall isn't ideal: it can cause a large gap near the temples that prevents a good seal, and can be uncomfortable. We're working on this; sign up here if you're interested in hearing about a guide or solution for wearing glasses with Narwall.

Please keep in mind our return policy if you wear glasses and cannot wear contacts.

Does it fog up?

Nope! Early adopters of the mask have gleefully reported that there is no fogging with this mask – something we worked hard on. 

The one-way airflow of the mask, which keeps your exhale isolated from your eyes and your inhale, ensures that the moisture from your breath does not fog up the clear part of the mask, plus your every inhale provides fresh air.

Note that if you get the inside of the mask wet (eg; by sweating), some fogging can occur.

How long can you wear it for?

Narwall can be comfortably worn for long flights (ie; 8+ hours) and is perfect for 1-3 hour shopping trips.

Note that the tight seal on your face can leave an impression on the skin, and if the mask is over-tightened, cause tenderness. For those with less collagen in their skin (ie; folks of a distinguished age), this mark can last for as long as several hours.

It isn't the best for extended wear in hot environments or during extended physical exertion.

Can I wear makeup with it?

Yes and no. It pairs great with lipstick (finally, no cloth brushing your lips!) and eye makeup, but foundation can rub off on the silicone.

What hairstyles can I wear with the mask?

Just like with a bike helmet, some hairstyles work and some will need adjustment.

The elastic straps cover much of the top of your head, so unfortunately high ponytails and buns usually won't work (a tight high bun can go under the straps). 

For straight, wavy, and bushy hair: low ponytails, pigtails, french braids, and just down usually works well.

For curly hair, braids are often your best bet.

Does it get hot?

Extended wear at room temperature is quite comfortable! In fact, most users report the air around their face is much cooler and fresher than with other masks, which can get hot and stuffy.

That said, we don't recommend wearing Narwall for extended periods of time in hot climates or for prolonged intense exercise.

Can people hear me?

In quiet settings, yes – just fine!

In loud settings (eg; a noisy street or a work environment), you may need to raise your voice.

If you're concerned about audibility or planning to use Narwall all day at work, we recommend pairing the mask with a personal voice amplifier like this one (wired) or this one this one (wireless).

Can I wear it with headphones?

Yes! Narwall goes great with earbuds like Apple AirPods or over-the-ear headphones like Bose noise-canceling headphones. 

Can I use the Narwall mask for snorkeling?

Please don't get the filters wet!

In seriousness, while Narwall mask as sold is not suitable for swimming, we may sell a simple snorkel conversion kit after the pandemic so you can turn your PPE into a more comfortable way to breathe while swimming at the beach/pool!

If you're interested in this, you can leave your email here.

Where does the name come from?

We love Narwhals – the unicorns of the ocean 🦄🌊. Fun fact, a Narwhal's "horn" is actually a tooth!

We liked the reference to an aquatic hero with something sticking out of its head, equipped to fend off assailants, and tweaked the spelling a bit in a nod to the barrier (err, wall) the product provides. 

...We know. We're nerds.

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